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Foster Update: From arrival, you can tell this guy still thinks he is a puppy and EVERYTHING is new to him. And I mean everything. Turns out, cars scare him, so that made for an interesting first car ride. I’ve been training him pretty extensively to get him ready for his new family, but he will need a family that understands that they will need to continue his training for a while. My gut tells me he needs a family without young children, and only because he doesn’t understand how big he is and still wants to nibble on my hand, a practice I am trying to break. 
We’ve made tremendous progress in the past week though. He is now walking great on the leash (but still needs the training collar) and is starting to get basic commands down. He didn’t know how to play fetch, but now loves his tennis ball and stuffed animals. Again, everything about him is very puppyish, so it’s like he’s learning everything for the first time. Like any puppy, it comes with the good and the bad. He is a firecracker from the moment he wakes up and will be sure to make sure everyone knows it’s time to eat, so he needs a family that will give him the exercise he needs daily. He also doesn’t understand his own size or the fact that he has a tail (which manages to knock everything off of the table). To be transparent, I have struggled with him wanting to mark in my house, but I believe I have broken him of that practice as I haven’t had any problems in the last 48 hours. 
All that said, he just wants to please and be loved, and he has balanced the puppy tenancies with the very cute/precious moments. So I have no doubt that he’ll be great once he can eliminate some of these puppy tendencies!