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7/16/20 NEW UPDATE:  Housetraining is going great.  We had a few of days in the beginning that we had a couple of accidents but in the past week things are great.  She will stare you down when she wants to go out and I have learned to cut her off water consumption a couple of hours before we go to bed since her medication causes her to go more frequently.

Crate training – When I leave the house, she goes into the crate and will go right in.  She will also sleep in there during the day on the blanket.
Eating habits – I feed her twice a day and she will gobble it down.  I give her a treat when she goes out and does her business.
No reactive behaviors.  We have a couple of puppies around us and she has been great with them.  With my dog who is very alpha they get along and will lay by each other and walk outside on leashes together.
Commands –  This will need work
Leash – This will also need work.  She is good but sometimes she wants to take off.
Children – I don’t have children but ones she has come upon she just goes up to them to be petted.
Sleep – She will sleep all night with you on the bed.  In fact, I usually have to get her up in the morning so I can get ready for work.
Furniture – She is allowed on the furniture since I put covers over them.
Energy level – She will do good to have a back yard to run around in or taking to a dog park.  Her energy level in my apartment has been pretty quiet but when she goes out she wants to run (after a smell which is the hound in her).
Since she has been with me, she usually stays in the same room or at least where she can see me.  She is a loving dog and her eyes dig into your soul.

Foster UPDATE:  After a very short time, sweet Payson is settling right in. She sleeps all night with me.  She is eating well and takes her medication without fussing like a pro. She is a playful pup who wants to join in the fun and play with all the dogs she sees.  We are currently working on her leash manners and it is doubtful she has had prior experience walking on a leash.  She also is happiest just hanging with her foster mom and remains close.