Meet Ginger Snap!  She is an 6 year old, 57lb lab mix.  Her family had to relocate and decided to surrender.  Ginger Snap originally arrived to CLR as a puppy, and she has been with her family for 6 years.

Personality – She is the sweetest girl!  She’s great with kids, other dogs.  She can be a little nervous on first introductions, but she warms up quickly.

Training – She’s fully house-trained, walks well on a leash, and even knows her way around a crate (though she’s pretty chill and doesn’t need one).

Interests – Ginger Snap loves bones and enjoys car rides!  She also is an adventure buddy and enjoys walks and the outdoors.


Ginger Snap has been with us for a little over a week. She is a pretty chill pup and loves laying in the sunshine outside or inside by a window. She does not jump on furniture unless you invite her to. We have not crated her as she has not destroyed or chewed anything.  She does great with my 10 year Lab.  She does okay on a leash it takes her a few minutes to adjust to the leash walking. It does take her a little bit of time to adjust to new people as she is a very nervous and scared girl. We absolutely love her and how affectionate she is when she warms up. She does enjoy being next to her humans and being able to see you at all times and will lay or sit at your feet.

She is such a great dog!

Ginger is doing great! She has been with us for 2 weeks and has settled in well and is starting to relax more as she is getting more comfortable. She has not had any accidents in the house and she just wants to be right next to her humans or other dogs. We have found her favorite treat as she would not take any dogs treats and she love, love, loves cheese. We have noticed she doesn’t like to be alone and I think having our dog here helps provide some extra comfort. We have been on a couple walks and she does pretty well. She is going to make a great loyal dog and she loves to be loved on and belly rubs!
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