Meet Mimi!  She is a 3 month old puppy that was found stray in Alabama with her siblings, Mai Tai and Mitsy.


Mimi is the sweetest little girl and resident cuddle bug! We have all fallen in love with her cuddles and playfulness. Mimi is great with kids, both young and old, adults, dogs, and cats. She loves playing with our dog, but she is also happy just to be around humans.

She is tiny, but mighty, and thinks she is the alpha of the pack, for sure! Mimi loves playing, and enjoys being outside.  After a bit of playtime, she is always ready to snuggle in for a nap. She also loves sleeping on her back belly up! She is teething right now but can be easily redirected with a chew toy or bone.  She is just an overall amazing puppy!



Mimi came to us knowing no commands. So far, we have been working on sit, crate training, recall, and getting her comfortable walking on a leash. Mimi is quick learner and is motivated by praise and treats. She is eager to please especially when corrected. She can get distracted from training easily, but that is expected for a puppy.  She is doing pretty well with her crate, but she doesn’t like being left out of the fun!

This sweet girl is ready for her forever!

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