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2/7/20 UPDATE:  He was very excited when he got out of his crate, but once we got about a block past Eastgate, he settled down and was actually a very good walker. He is a big goofball and occasionally does a little dive into the grass, but he wasn’t really pulling on the leash and he turned around several times to checks in as we were walking – great sign from a training perspective.  He definitely knows his ‘sit’ command and he takes treats well – he seems very food motivated. His biggest issue is the jumping and he gets really excited (which erupts into a high pitched bark) when he wants to go play with other dogs. I found that a good massage in the middle of the back calmed him down most of the time. He is a lovable guy and would be perfect for an active family looking for an exuberant dog with a lot of personality.

1/25/2020 VOLUNTEER UPDATE: Just like we were told by his previous owners, Hank needs improved leash manners and needs to learn not to jump.  On a very positive note, he is food motivated which makes it easy to get his attention so progress will be achievable.  He already knows to sit and shake on command so all else will be a great bonus. He is a playful and energetic boy that is a great match for an active family. He would thrive with adequate stimulation along with a consistent routine and appropriate leadership.