Jansen is a 1.5 year old 63 lb. black, wiggly nugget who loves people and dogs. He is a good boy who is treat motivated so can be trained easily.   Jansen does know the commands of sit and down.  He loves his belly rubbed and wants to please his companion.  Jansen needs some leash training and is still learning using a crate.  This spirited guy is eager for a companion and will win your heart!  See the video below.



Jansen has been with us about 30 hours and is doing great! He seems so relieved to not be in the kennel and is an incredibly happy boy. His tail is wagging all the time and he loves to be scratched behind his ears, on his back or getting a belly rub. He LOVES being outside in the yard, and sniffing around and going for walks.  Every opportunity he gets to go outside, he is ready for it! On Sunday we talked 7 miles and he was in heaven. He walks reasonable well in the leash and is not really bothered by other dogs or people on the trail unless they bark at him.

He follows me in the house everywhere already and wants to stay close to my side. He still paces through the house a bit as he is still getting familiar with his surroundings. He has not allowed himself to totally relax quite yet, except when he was allowed to jump on the couch last night and snuggled right into my lap. You felt his body relax!  He slept in the crate without problems and he knows sit, paw and roll over. We will work on waiting at the door, waiting for permission to eat and retrieving the ball. (He is semi-interested so far).

Overall – he is just an adorable happy guy and we are so happy to give him a chance to be the playful lab he is!!

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