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2/21/2021 FOSTER UPDATE: JJ had a great night last night which carried over into today. He’s becoming a bit more active and curious – going up and down stairs, investigating other rooms, and wagging his tail more often! We even heard a hint of a bark…he’s acting more like a dog every day.

He is an absolute champ with bathroom breaks! I think he would hold it as long as is needed. He has never had an accident and patiently waits by the door to let you know he needs to go out. He does not sleep in a crate, he just chooses where he wants to rest, which often changes throughout the night.

There has been no destruction at all, and he’s fine when left on his own – no separation anxiety. He won’t get on any furniture…even if we lift him up, he’s extremely uncomfortable and won’t lie down. He seems to prefer carpeted floor or hardwoods over pads or pillows.

JJ is great with “sit” and occasionally will give a paw. We’re teaching him “stay”, but it’s still a work in progress. He’s good on a leash without pulling. He isn’t bothered by other dogs or our cats – the cats have swatted him a few times and he could care less!

He loves to eat…a true Lab! He’ll try to eat the other dogs’ food if they’re still eating and has sampled the cat food as well. JJ has the cutest face and is so easy to love – he has been the easiest dog!

2/17/2021 FOSTER UPDATE: JJ is so quiet! He never barks, he never runs (but does try to walk fast on occasion!), and he doesn’t like to go upstairs or get on furniture. He just likes to find a nice spot on the floor and rest. He will not lay on dog beds of any kind – we have tried!

He didn’t mind his crate, but it’s upstairs, so since Sunday he’s been sleeping wherever he wants which is always downstairs. He does great throughout the night!

JJ is so gentle!  He has no protection or reaction with food, treats, or other dogs barking at him…nothing!

He is still adjusting so he has not wanted to play yet. Our dog Winnie begs him too often – the most he has done is to follow her around the kitchen island which he does occasionally when he has some energy. He has no interest in playing tug of war, but he did just recently find an interest in bones. So, I will let him chew on one a little bit throughout the day. JJ is doing so well!