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4/13/2021 UPDATE: Mike is currently in board and train. One of our volunteers went to see him tonight…he is doing great! He’s made a significant amount of progress on his jumping and mouthiness. He has really good focus! We had him out playing with another dog, and his trainer was able to redirect him to help establish boundaries and create some space. He has only been there for 5 days, and it is amazing to see how far he has come. He is a great dog and is socializing quickly with the right structure.

Mike did have an allergic reaction to some calming chews his trainer gave him. He’s on medication until this weekend to help with the reaction, and we plan to do a blood panel to help determine what he could be allergic to.
He will go into foster on Sunday.  His trainer will give the foster family an introductory lesson on his commands and training to help reinforce some of what he has learned. We’re so proud of Mike and the amazing growth he’s shown! He’ll be ready to go home in no time.