Five-year-old Jorden arrived after we learn his family was going to euthanize him because they did not want to deal with his very treatable medical situation. He wasn’t in the best of health when he arrived, but he is now doing fantastic. Although he is insulin dependent everything else is perfectly normal – actually even his diabetes has been controlled and he is not only stable, but a very happy boy. He has made a number of dog friends in daycare and is having a blast. He is truly one of the nicest dogs in our care. We are grateful for the care he has been given by our vets and know he will have a much healthier and happier future. The staff is a wonderful resource to help his new family easily manage his diabetes, which is relatively minor compared to the years of enjoying having a wonderful companion as part of your family.



Jorden is truly flourishing in his foster home!  We are learning so much about this gentle giant's personality, and he is one special guy!  From the moment Jorden arrived in our home, his face lit up and I must say that he hasn't stopped smiling since!  His first stop was the toy box, which is still his favorite place to explore.  Jorden always seems to have a toy in his mouth, and he loves to share them with his foster mom.  With his easy going personality and gentle demeanor, Jorden has settled right into our home with ease, it's like he's always been here.  Jorden is completely potty trained and has had no accidents at all!   He's always so interested in what I have to say, he turns his head to the side so that he can hear me better, and it's just the cutest thing in the world!  He is a super chill guy and loves to snooze the day away while foster mom works.  Jorden listens well to his foster mom, too.   Jorden also loves to snuggle with his foster mom and his foster brothers! As you might have imagined, Jorden's favorite time of day is mealtime!  He gets so excited, he jumps up and down with joy!  Even so, Jorden is making strides towards his goal weight of 90 lbs.  The wonderful doctors at EAH have helped to get Jorden's diabetes under control, and we have found the proper dose to keep him healthy.  Honestly, if it weren't for his daily insulin shots, I would never even consider Jorden a "special needs" pup.  He's much too easy to have in our home.   Jorden is a very well behaved boy, there isn't really much else to say!  He would be the perfect addition to any family.  If you are looking for an easy going, gentle, happy, well adjusted and well mannered pup, Jorden is your guy!  
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