Lenny is a golden,1 yr old, 56 lb. lab mix who is sweet, gentle and calm but rather shy after being rescued as a stray.  He does not know any commands but adores having his belly and butt rubbed.  Lenny appears to be good with dogs and kids.  Lenny’s eyes showcase wanting to trust the love and kindness from others.  This boy will need leash training as he is hesitant about walking in this manner.  Share your love with this handsome fellow!



Lenny is settling perfectly in his new foster home. A foster switch was needed due to allergies of his previous foster. Not to worry! Lenny is VERY submissive and affectionate. He greeted my 9yr old female lab and 10yr old male lab without any issues. All 3 tails have been wagging since! He also LOVES my 5 yr old son. He’s very gentle with him and follows him around everywhere. Lenny is enjoying exploring our fenced back yard. He hasn’t had any accidents and will either go to the back door or follow my other labs lead. Lenny is enjoying plush squeaky toys and nylabones. He’s been retrieving the squeaky ball too. He takes treats so gently and eats slow. Lenny enjoys lying on his dog bed or in his crate with no issues. He sleeps quietly. He has an appropriate playful side and also enjoys to relax. He also knows the command “sit” and will lift his paw! Lenny is very happy and loves to be around his foster humans and furry friends. His tail is always wagging. Lenny hopes to find a home this Holiday Season!

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