Karl is a 1 yr old, 47 lb. handsome young boy who went straight into foster after being returned to CLR to no fault of his own.  Below is a summary of Karl from his current foster.

Karl has been settling into his foster home over the past few days and I’m happy to report that he is just the sweetest boy!  Karl is a young, energetic pup who loves to play and goof around. He is great with other dogs and would greatly benefit most in a home with a fur sibling so he can get play and have companionship when at home.   Karl loves his toys and entertains himself well when his doggie buddies need a break.  Karl is completely potty trained and loves his crate. He goes right to bed and settles himself well at night time. Karl is also an A+ snuggle bug! He makes the perfect movie or netflix binge companion!

Karl can be a little timid and needs some help growing his confidence in certain situations. Primarily, when crossing the threshold of a door.  It will take Karl a little time to continue building trust in this situation, but he is eager to trust and has made great strides in his time here.  Again, having another dog in the home to model after would help him grow his confidence.

Overall, Karl has been a delight to have in our home. We love to watch him play, enjoy life and get some much needed relaxation!



Karl has completely settled into our home and has easily found his role in the pack. He is just such a sweet boy, I can’t even express how much I love his personality! It 100% matches his adorable face and beautiful eyes.

Karl has been having an absolute blast over the past few weeks. He was lucky enough to join a foster family with a litter of five puppies and couldn’t be happier. Karl loves playing with his foster brothers and sisters, big and small. He is wonderful with the puppies and will even let them win at tug of war. In the morning, the puppies crawl all over him and Karl loves it.

Karl loves being outside and playing, almost as much as he loves love. Karl is the sweetest, snuggliest boy in the world. He loves being near his people and definitely knows how to turn on the charm. He’ll lay his head on my chest and stare into my eyes when he wants some kisses and head scratches.

I’m very proud of the progress Karl has made in overcoming his fears. He’s become much more confident with doors and unfamiliar spaces. He may need a little cheering in new situations, but it’s always worth it to see how proud he is when he’s a brave boy.

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