Gunter is a 2 year old, 58 lb. handsome fellow.  Gunter was recently fostered for 3 weeks and then adopted by the foster family; however, the owners began experiencing bad allergies due to Gunter.  Below is a write-up from the previous owners who are currently fostering Gunter.

Gunter is such a good boy.  He was very nervous the first day or two with us but calmed down very quickly. He still is sometimes easily startled.  He is very friendly and eager to please his people and because of that learns very quickly.  He is house trained and does very well in a crate.  We taught him to use a bell to ask to go out and “sit”.   He is friendly with kids and guests and happy to play with other dogs. He walks pretty well on a prong collar. He learned an electric fence very easily.  He loves to play with balls and fetch.  He likes hard chew toys and never chewed anything else once those were available.  He is really just a good natured dog and a good boy all around.


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