Meet Kissy!  She is a 1.5-year-old, 60lb yellow lab.  Her story began in Alabama, where her previous owner moved and left her behind in an abandoned trailer. Fortunately, a Good Samaritan came to her rescue, turning a tale of abandonment into a narrative of hope.

Now, Kissy is on a quest for a forever home filled with family, fetch, and fun. If you’re ready to make Kissy a part of your family, she’s waiting to bring joy and tail wags into your life!

Some highlights on Kissy….

**Fetch Aficionado:**
Kissy isn’t just a lab; she’s a fetch expert! Give her a ball, and you’ll witness a spectacular performance of tail-wagging, joy-infused athleticism. Your backyard is her canvas, and fetch is her masterpiece!

**Social Butterfly:**
Good with people? Absolutely. Good with dogs? Without a doubt. Kissy’s sociable spirit makes her the life of the paw-ty, whether it’s with humans or her canine buddies.

**Sweetest Girl Ever:**
Shelter workers agree – Kissy has earned the title of “Sweetest Girl Ever.” Her heart is as golden as her fur, and her love is ready to become a permanent part of your home.

Kissy is a new arrival.  More pictures and information to come!

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