Meet Ember – Female, Age 5 months

Ember is not your average pup – she’s a spark of happiness waiting to light up your life! This friendly puppy is all about spreading positive vibes.

Ember is a resilient survivor.  Despite a rocky start, Ember’s journey took a heartwarming turn thanks to a Good Samaritan in Kentucky. Rescued from being dumped on a back road, Ember is now ready for her forever home!

A few things about Ember…

Zoomie Enthusiast: Watch out, world! Ember is an expert when it comes to Zoomies. Your backyard will turn into her personal race track, filled with joyous whirlwinds.

Belly Rub Connoisseur:  After the zoomies, Ember knows how to hit the brakes and shift into cuddle gear. She’s a pro at settling in for some belly rubs!

Ember Is a new arrival.  We will post more photos and details as we get to know this sweet girl!


Ember has been in foster for a few days, and…gosh.  She is the absolute sweetest!  She has the best temperament and is so friendly and calm.  She has done so great with the pack and is adjusting well!

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