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9/10/2021 FOSTER UPDATE: Paco continues to show us how smart he is! He is learning commands and mimicking our dogs on his own. Basic commands are still a work in progress as he is a puppy, but with time and consistency Paco will do great!

We worked hard on correcting Paco’s mouthy behavior, and it has stopped since our last update. He has also adjusted to sounds on the TV and is no longer using his voice when he sees other dogs on TV. Paco still has the energy you would expect of a puppy, but he is very well-behaved in the car and lays right down! We continue to work on crate training and house breaking. We’ve learned that if he’s playing with our dogs he needs to go potty more frequently than if he were just relaxing around the house. He does well in the bath and cleans up so handsomely! 

Paco loves cuddles when he’s sleepy, and belly rubs are his favorite! This boy is the last from his litter to go home and is wondering where his fur-ever family is. Come meet him! 

8/29/2021 FOSTER UPDATE: Paco is adjusting well so far! He continues to show how smart he is, and with treats he almost has “Sit” down already. We also noticed he is snuggly when he is sleepy and has laid on my lap for multiple naps today.

8/1/2021 UPDATE: The puppies arrived on 7/24 and are available for adoption now! Approved adopters should reach out Info@CincinnatiLabRescue.org to request an appointment.