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10/11/21 – and from Eden’s temporary foster mom: I kept her the past couple days while her foster family was on vacation. We had the pleasure of having Eden with us while her foster family was on vacation. Eden is a very sweet, well-behaved girl who is eager to please. She is very loving and full of affection. She did great with introduction with my 2 older labs and my 4-year-old son. Eden was very gentle with my son and wagged her tail whenever he was around her. Eden knows sit, paw and down. She also takes her treats very gently. She sleeps wonderful either on her dog bed or in her crate. Eden is slightly prey driven and is working on her leash manners with this. She loves going on walks in the neighborhood! Eden also enjoys Nylabones, carrying and squeaking plush toys. She was a wonderful house guest and will make any family very happy 🙂


10/10/21 UPDATED INFORMATION: Food insecurity is gone. Just normal Lab stuff now. Think a bunch of it was brought on by Jake. She is fine outside of her crate during the day, no damage, she is very relaxed and chill. When we are home, she will follow us around the house. She is quick to let us know when she is stuck in the other side of a door than us  At night she will sleep fine in her crate that is in our bedroom. Not a peep out of her.

9/3/2021 FOSTER UPDATE: Eden is doing really well! She is an energetic girl and does so well on our two walks each day. She plays with her toys and loves chasing squirrels in the backyard. She seems to be more energetic than our 5 1/2 year old!

Eden does well at night in her crate and her food insecurity is getting better  every day. She’s very loving and wants to be around people all the time.  She sleeps in her crate at night and sometimes even goes in there by herself (although she still gets a bit anxious when we leave).

Eden is rarely having accidents in the house. She would do great in a home with another dog and cats (she doesn’t bother our cats at all!) I think she would be a great fit in a home where someone is home all day either working from home or retired. Our youngest is 17, so we haven’t had a chance to introduce her to young children, but suspect she would do well. We love Eden and hope she finds her forever family soon!

8/18/2021 UPDATE: Eden is doing well. She’s sleeping all night and does great on our walks. She loves meal time but still shows signs of food insecurity. She wants to be right with us in the kitchen and always thinks it’s meal time (even if she just ate!). Pretty normal behavior for a Lab.

Eden hasn’t shown any signs of dominance or aggression, which is fantastic! We noticed she’s hesitant of going outside in the rain (who can blame her?) and is showing some signs of separation anxiety. She wants to be with us all the time. We’re sure that after being on her own and fending for herself for so long she desperately wants to be near humans. We think she would be a great fit for someone who works from home and can give her the attention she craves!

She’s doing great on potty training. We’re monitoring her water intake which has helped – she still wets inside on occasion, but is making a lot of progress!

8/14/2021 UPDATE: Eden went into foster today! Her foster family gave her an oatmeal bath, and she’s doing very well. She’s been playing well with their dog, Lucy, and is enjoying exploring the backyard and getting to know the cats.