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6/29/21 FOSTER UPDATE: Maple is a total sweetheart! it is hard to believe that she has such a sad past, but we are thrilled to give her a new beginning. She spent her entire life outside in a hoarding situation, but now she is part of the family! She is still getting used to some of the loud noises in and around the house (blenders, cars, etc.) but a little encouragement usually calms her down. Overall, she has a great temperament and is medium energy level. She is sweeet as can be and very cuddly…she loves attention! She was nervous at first but quickly becomes your shadow when she starts to trust.

As for training, we are working on her housetraining. She has made a lot of progress and is now only having 2-3 accidents per week. She is also working on becoming more comfortable in a crate. As for commands, she knows “sit” and “wait”. She can be a bit nervous when we work with her, but she is learning to build her confidence. We have had her out for walks — which she loves! She does not pull on the leash, but she can tend to zig zag. She is making so much progress!

Maple is a very sweet girl! She is ready to find her forever family!