Mikayla is a super, sweat girl with a lot of kisses to share.  She is good with children and other dogs.  This 62 lb. girl was lost and then found on someone’s front porch where she was fostered for weeks before arriving at CLR.  Mikayla is a good leash walker and is very gentle even when eating treats out of our hands.  All she wants is a companion to love and be cared for each day.



We have had Mikayla for 24 hours and she is the sweetest female lab we have had in a while! She stays close to her people and does notnt run off. She followed me to each flower bed as I worked in the yard and just laid there until I was done. She slept through the night in a crate but probably does not need to be crated from what I have seen. She loves other dogs, people in general and has been super calm and sweet with my baby nephew and my 7 yr old granddaughter. She wants to be petted and when your done petting she lays at your feet.

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