Jacques is the complete package…..looks, smarts and brains! This 1.5 year old, 72 lb. chocolate chunk of love is full of kisses for everyone he meets. Jacques is quite the gorgeous gentleman being house trained, friendly with all size dogs, good with cats, a dream on the leash and in the car and best of all…..loves to watch TV!! This boy came all the way from Arkansas where he was fostered after being found as a stray. Want to fall in love again……come meet this handsome boy!!

Note: Jacques is heartworm positive, and CLR will be responsible for her treatment. Please make sure you keep up with HW prevention.



Jacque is absolutely the BEST dog we have encountered (minus the two labs we own).  He loves everyone he meets giving them kisses and tail wags but without jumping.  He loves his walks and in return he will make that walk very pleasurable without pulling.  He aims to please his companion!  He loves the outdoors.  He is very confident and calm in any environment.

Jacque is completely housebroken even with him being on his medicine for his heartworm  that increases urination.  He does very good in the crate as he does not bark and lays down.  You do need to give him a treat to get him to go into the crate as he knows he is a good boy and does not need to be put in the crate while you are gone.   We have opted to only put him in the crate if gone for a significant period of time  in order to keep him use to the crate if his future adopter wants to use one.  At night time, he sleeps on his dog bed in the bedroom through the night.

Jacque is very food motivated.  We are working on him taking treats a little easier out of our hands.  We feed him in a separate room from where our dogs are fed to try and get him to slow down a little when eating of his dinner.  After all dogs are done eating, they take turns licking each other’s bowls.  Even though he is food motivated, he does not counter surf or snatch food out of your hands.  He does get close to you when eating but has been improving when told “no” or to “lay down.”  We will continue to reinforce this training.  When given him his medication for his heartworm, he allows me to open his mouth and put the pills in his throat without any resistance.  He truly is the most mild tempered dog.

As you can see from the videos below, Jacque loves other dogs as we have two labs of our own.  He has got the best temperament when dogs want to play with him.  He does not resource guard his toys with our dogs rather shares them when needed.  He does not take toys away from other dogs.  He is very laid back and does not play the “alpha” role.  When walking with the other dogs, he likes to walk in the middle and be part of the pack.  Even though he likes being with other dogs, he would be fine being an only dog as well as he likes to have his alone time as well.   In addition, he enjoys watching TV!!

If we did not already have two dogs of our own, Jacque would be a dog we would adopt.  Our dogs love him being around and he has been very little work for us.  Everyone who meets him, loves him.  We enjoy him thoroughly!  Even though we will be sad to see him leave, we are happy we are providing him a temporary home and are excited to help him find him the very best family because he is the BEST dog!!

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