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11/4/2020 FOSTER UPDATE: We fostered Mylo for one night but our senior dogs were a little too stressed out by their new visitor. We had to bring him back to the Animal Hospital which broke our hearts!

Mylo is a big, smart yellow lab.  He has some energy (especially when around other dogs) which is no fault of his own…he just wants to play! We went for a long walk, and after a few corrections he was right in step unless he saw other dogs. Practicing sit with cheese went well, too! Mylo ran and played a little with my playful lab, but he just couldn’t settle enough to stay out of trouble with my older pup.

Mylo calmed down and put his head and paws in my lap while on the drive back to CLR. I rubbed his big old ears and he was sound asleep! I think he’ll be a great lab baby for a family or couple with an active lifestyle. He definitely settle in and relaxes with his people.