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2/16/2021 FOSTER UPDATE: Noxx is a FANTASTIC dog, easily trainable, loving, and so grateful!  He is energetic but also relaxed for a 1 year old.  He will be happiest with a family that has the time to give him lots of love and attention.  He loves to cuddle!  He sleeps on my bed and plops right beside me (and he often snores)

Noxx is housetrained – he has not had any accidents since arriving.  He is GREAT with other dogs, listens really well to “sit” and is learning “down.” He loves chasing balls but likes to keep them. He has tried to steal food from counter tops so we are working on that.  He is pretty strong and can get excited so I don’t recommend him for a family with small children.
Noxx is a great dog and is excited to find his forever family!!

2/13/2021 FOSTER UPDATE: Noxx is a GREAT dog! He is housetrained and only chews on his toys. He is patient at meal time and will sit and wait for his food. He loves to run in the yard and play with our dog. He does well on a leash with very little pulling. He is such a good boy!

He has the typical energy of a 1 year old but also likes to chill. He does not leave my side…he loves to cuddle with his humans!

2/11/2021 UPDATE: Noxx went into foster today and is doing fantastic! His foster has said multiple times what a wonderful dog he is. He instantly fit in with her pack – he loves playing with her dog! Noxx is cuddled up with his foster family tonight and is settling in quickly.