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1/11/22 FOSTER UPDATE: Hi.  Onyx here again.  I know I just sent an update yesterday but my foster dad said this was REALLY important and I should send another one.  Today he went to a place called The Office and he didn’t put me into a crate.  When he came home from lunch, I hadn’t gotten into anything I shouldn’t have (of course) and when he got home at the end of the day, the same thing (of course again).  You know what else? I didn’t have any accidents.  My foster dad said I was such a good boy who made my tail wag real hard.  Even The Cat said I was a good boy. At least that’s what my foster sister told me since I don’t speak Cat really well yet.  Do you think this is big news like my foster dad did? I hope so.

1/9/22 FOSTER UPDATE: Hi dog lovers.  Onyx here.  I’m another Canoe Lab, whatever that is.  I’ve been at my foster dad’s a little over a day now, and I’m starting to get used to living in a house instead of a kennel.  Luckily, I have a foster sister to teach me.  Yesterday she showed me how to run around the yard and play. I had a blast!  She also told me that my foster dad’s cat was nice, so I’ve been nice back.  Today, she taught me how to lick food off spoons, and she said dirty plates in the dishwasher are next.  One thing she didn’t have to teach me is how to eat my food.  I’m already VERY good at that!  My foster dad says I’m a very good leash walker.  He says I walk right by his side just like those dogs on the TV shows.  He can think that if he wants, but between you and me, I just want to be sure he stays with me because I like him.  I’m still uncertain about sudden movements and noises, but I’m making progress.  I hope to meet you soon so I can settle into my forever home.

12/27/21 VOLUNTEER UPDATE: Onyx is a happy little dude!  He is so gentle and has such a great temperament.  He walked great on a leash and appears to know the “sit” command.  He was very gentle with taking treats and gave lots of tail wags!  He was also very affectionate and loved to have human attention.  He did get startled a few times with some new sights and sounds but he will build more confidence as he learns how to be a dog. He is such a good boy!