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10/15/20 FOSTER UPDATE: Preacher came to us this past weekend and has been an angel since we got him. He has good energy for a 10-month-old puppy: happy to play and run hard or lounge on the couch with you and snuggle. He maintains eye contact which makes him easy to train. We worked on “Sit” and “Come” over the weekend and he has it down already….he’s a smart boy, too! We also worked on “Off” the first two days so the jumping up on you has diminished greatly. Now he sits and looks for love and attention!

Preacher sleeps through the night in his crate and settles in nicely. He is doing fine with my labs but does need to be introduced gently to new dogs on a leash so he feels comfortable. I would work on introductions and slowly let him meet lots of friends. Once he realizes they’re play mates he plays for hours! He would probably love running if you’re an active runner, or just walking long miles and hanging out at your feet or on your lap with a nice bone. As you would with any puppy: hide your shoes for a little longer and give lots of toys. He chases a ball but doesn’t return it just yet.

This sweet boy LOVES people and runs to them every chance he gets! Preacher is a Lab with a wonderful temperament who will do well with any family, be it an older couple or a young active family.