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4/15/21 FOSTER UPDATE: Punkin has started to settle in! She hasn’t had any incidents as far as chewing or tearing up things she shouldn’t since she arrived. I added a blanket to her crate, which has seemed to improve the time it takes her to settle (from about 20 minutes to less than 5). She LOVES squeaky toys. She plays fetch pretty well and has started to understand “drop it”, but it’s still a work in progress. She’s eating well, and doesn’t beg much or try to go after human food within her reach while I eat dinner.

She’s still learning boundaries with the smaller dog in my pack. She is extremely playful and thinks that all pets want to play, which at times results in her getting mouthy without an invitation. Her mouthiness is improving but will need consistency to truly eliminate the behavior. We are working on it!

4/13/21 FOSTER UPDATE: I’ve only had Punkin for about 4 hours now, but wanted to share what I’ve learned about her thus far.

Starting with the good: Punkin travels well in the car. She’s food motivated, which will help with training! She seems to know “Sit”, “Down”, “Off”, “Come”, and “Stay” (though still working on these!) She takes cues from the male dog in my pack, and is doing pretty well on a leash with some guidance.

As far as things we’re working on: she’s not taking social cues from the female dogs in my pack yet. She’s very playful and went a little overboard during play time with my dogs. It’s taking her some time to calm down when first put in her crate, though this is understandable as she’s in completely new surroundings!
Punkin is goofy, adorable, and definitely has puppy energy. She can do well with other dogs and does alright with kids, though she doesn’t understand boundaries very well yet. I haven’t had a chance to introduce her to my cat (he’s hiding!) but hope to in the coming days. Check back soon!