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10/31/2020 FOSTER UPDATE: Riva is doing very well and is back to her foster home today after beginning heartworm treatment.  She will get her stitches out Monday. She’s very curious and wants to play and explore outside – we’re working very hard to keep her calm as she continues to heal. She now goes up and down stairs (huge progress!) and generally hangs out with people and dogs inside. She loves to nap and will find any and all dog beds throughout the house!

10/25/2020 FOSTER UPDATE: Riva continues to do very well. She is housebroken and has only had one minor accident (my fault for not letting her out – she’s drinking a ton of water due to her meds!). She’s getting more and more comfortable in the house and on car rides. She stays on the leash and does fine outside. Riva is eating well, and her energy is up! She really wants to play, so we’re working hard to keep her calm while she heals.

Riva doesn’t have great manners yet but does know and respond to the word “no”. Although she won’t go down stairs on her own yet, she’ll go up after watching me or other dogs. She can walk down the stairs outside on the deck, so we’re hopeful that she’ll learn the inside steps! She has strong Lab characteristics and always wants to be near me. Because of this, she barks when left alone or crated in a room by herself. She’s likely still adjusting, as she sleeps well in the same room as me or the other dogs. I think Riva would be a perfect fit for someone with her young energy; she seems to be most comfortable around other dogs and lots of people.

10/23/2020 FOSTER UPDATE:  We picked Riva up to bring her home with us this morning. She’s settling in! All 3 dogs were introduced and are comfortable with each other.  She actually seems much more comfortable with the dogs around, she was a bit tense during the car ride (I would be tense as well with a cone on my head!).  She is an outside dog and isn’t familiar with stairs or a T.V yet. Hopefully she’ll learn the stairs quickly!

Riva seems very food motivated, so we expect she’ll be easy to train. We have her medication and will get a vet appointment set up for her next week. So far so good! She seems extremely sweet.