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10/25/2020 UPDATE: Job came to our home five days ago and has been the sweetest house guest since he got here. He is OK with my Labs and pretty much ignores them for the most part. If you’re looking for a dog that will bond with people and be all yours, he is your BOY! Job is quite timid. He needs a little encouragement to do simple tasks (like walk through a door) and is frightened by cars and lawn mowers during walks. When I walk towards him to put his leash on, he drops to the floor. I think this is simply his soft personality and a lack of socialization in his short life; it WILL get better over time. He has come a long way in just five days!

Job LOVES his walks and is fantastic on a leash. Though he starts off hesitant, once we get going his head and tail are up and happy! He loves his crate – it makes him feel secure. We have one in the kitchen and he goes into it on his own and sleeps in one bedroom all night. Job isn’t potty trained yet, so you need to keep him leashed in the house and crated when you’re not watching him. He does go all night and has been getting better. We’re down to just one accident a day, which is great progress! He is still all puppy, so keep your doors shut and things picked up if you want to keep them around!

He’s still fixated on his tennis ball and will run and chase that for as long as you’ll throw it! All in all, he’s going to make someone a fantastic companion, and over time will grow confident with his forever family. We already love him so much!