Ronald is a playful, jumpy puppy who is around 6 months old and weighs 38 lbs.  Ronald loves people and plays well with other dogs. He walks well on the leash and is loaded with kisses to give to all. Come meet this little rascal!



Ronald has settled in well with us and our dogs.  He is playful with them but also has no issues with entertaining himself with a bone or chew toy.  He knows sit and kennel. We are working on stay, come and some other commands. He seems to be very smart.  He keeps to dog toys and bones and has not chewed up any of our belongings.  He often lays in a dog bed in a different room and we don’t worry he will do anything destructive.


Ronnie continues to be a happy, goofy, playful puppy.  He absolutely loves other dogs and people equally, and snuggles up to both every chance he gets.  Ronnie and our younger dog Archie have been playing more over the past week as Archie warms up to having a dog in the house.  He’s fully house and crate trained at this point.  He goes into his crate willingly and sleeps through the night with no accidents, sometimes wandering in there on his own.  This puppy will be such a great addition to any family with or without children, with or without other dogs.  From our experience fostering Ronnie, he quickly adapts to his situation and just fits in.


Ronald (aka Ronnie) is a very happy, smart inquisitive puppy.  He loves attention and cuddling.  He loves other dogs and meeting new people.  He bounces around like the puppy he is. Also, Ronald loves to watch TV as picture below shows!

We are working with him on house training, and he iss getting better every day.  Ronnie makes it through the night in his crate with no accidents.  Once he is in his crate, he sleeps quietly through the night until our other two dogs insist it’s breakfast time.  Also, he does very well in a crate when we are out of the house (also no accidents).  We’ve been taking him on daily walks with our other dogs, and he’s getting the hang of it.

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