Meet Salina!  She is a 2 year old chocolate lab that was found stray in Tennessee.

Personality:  This happy-go-lucky pup is all smiles….and she is a social butterfly too! Whether she’s romping around with her canine buddies or snuggling up with her humans, Salina’s friendly nature and gentle demeanor make her the perfect companion for humans and furry friends alike.

Energy Level:  Salina is an higher energy girl that would make a great adventure buddy!  She thrives on physical activity and eagerly embraces any opportunity for a fun adventure!

Known Commands:  Salina currently knows “sit.”  She is a smart girl that is very treat motivated so she will learn very quickly!

Leash Manners:  Salina’s enthusiasm sometimes gets the best of her on leash, and she can pull a bit. With consistent training and patience, she will learn the ropes  

Interaction with Other Dogs:  Salina is very dog friendly! She enjoys socializing and playing with her canine companions, making her a popular playmate in the dog park.

Interaction with Humans:  Salina’s people-friendly nature shines through in her interactions with humans. She greets everyone she meets with lots of affection, making fast friends!

Fun Fact: Salina is master bird watcher!  She loves tracking!

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