Introducing Harmon!  He is a 7 month old, 30lb golden doodle that was found stray in Tennessee.

Personality:  Harmon is an affectionate and well-mannered companion.  He is very sweet and gentle with a warm and loving demeanor.

Energy Level:  Harmon strikes a perfect balance between tranquility and liveliness. He enjoys calm moments but also delights in playful activities, making him a versatile and enjoyable companion for any lifestyle.

Known Commands:  Harmon has mastered the “sit” command.  With consistent training and positive reinforcement, he is ready to learn new commands and tricks.

Leash Manners:  Harmon is a great walking buddy! He walks gracefully beside his human companions and has great manners

Interaction with Other Dogs: Harmon’s interaction with other dogs is fantastic. He approaches them with a friendly and welcoming attitude, making him a beloved companion in any social setting. Harmon’s sociable nature makes him a great fit for households with other dogs.

Interaction with Humans:  Harmon extends his exceptional manners to his interaction with humans.  He is so sweet and affectionate and is great with humans of all sizes!

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