Meet Kaylo!  He is a 6 month old, 25lb golden doodle that was originally found stray in Tennessee.  The owner was identified as a breeder, but they opted to surrender him.  We are so excited to give him the best life!

Personality:  Kaylo is a well-mannered and loving companion. His gentle nature radiates happiness, making him a joy to be around. He is a gentle giant!

Energy Level:  While Kaylo is generally calm, his playful side shines through when it’s time for fun.  He has the perfect balance!

Known Commands: Kaylo has mastered the command “sit” with ease, showcasing his intelligence and willingness to learn.  He is a smart boy and is very treat motivated!

Leash Manners:  Kaylo has great leash manners! He gracefully prances alongside his human companions, making every walk a fun adventure. 

Interaction with Other Dogs:  He loves other dogs! He approaches fellow canines with a friendly and welcoming attitude, making him fast friends!

Temperament:  Kaylo has the best temperament. He greets everyone he meets with affection.  He is a true gentleman. His loving nature makes him an ideal companion for individuals and families alike.

Fun fact: he loves splashing in puddles during rainy walks!  He is such a happy boy!

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