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3/17/20 FOSTER UPDATE: What can I say except that I love just love hosting Snow!  She is just the sweetest dog.  She follows me absolutely everywhere and is always by my side. She can easily be described as quirky. She spins in circles every time that she is excited.  She also growls at her own reflection.  I discovered this week that she likes playing with toys….so much so that she kindly displayed the entire toy bin throughout the family room and it looked like a stuffed animal explosion.  She also loves her bones — she has claimed 7 of them as her own even though her foster sister is not impressed.

Thanks to the improved weather, we have been on lots of walks and Snow is great on a leash.  We are working on her “heel” and “halt” – she is rockin’ it!  She got some exposure to the neighborhood kids this week and she did great – perhaps minus the big face licks. Snow is also a smart girl – she knows sit, down, paw, and hugs.  She is generous with lots of kisses too – not on command but completely spontaneous.