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3/28/20 FOSTER UPDATE:  She’s doing great. She still isn’t the biggest fan of the crate but making it better with toys and treats. Although she isn’t a fan of her crate, she hasn’t had any accidents in it or ever attempted to escape. She loves running in the backyard and playing with the different toys. She doesn’t pull on a leash but needs to learn not to zig-zag when walking.  It’s so sweet how she likes sitting or lying next to me when I’m working.

She gets along great with my dog Max. They love chasing each other in the yard and playing tug of war with toys. I would say Elsie is the submissive one out of the two. I wouldn’t say Max is a crazy dominant dog because I’ve never seen him meet a dog he couldn’t get along with but Elsie does give him his space and let’s him run the house. She has never shown any negative behaviors with Max. She is fairly active but after running around outside for a half hour, she comes in and snoozes for a good amount of the day.