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4/9/20 FOSTER UPDATE:  Blakely has improved so much over the past few weeks! While in our backyard, she is very happy to run around, sniff the perimeter, or lay on our deck soaking up the sun.  She has even become more bold in playing outside with her foster brother. Blakely loves going on walks and does not pull on the leash. Sometimes she is still nervous around other people or loud noises, but is becoming more confident. Inside, Blakely loves to cuddle up on the couch or chew on a toy. She has not had any issues sleeping through the night on her bed. It has been so wonderful to see how far she has come already!

NEW FOSTER UPDATE: Blakely is doing very well since she came into our home a week ago! She is eating at a regular schedule and loves going for walks. Each day, she continues to get more comfortable as we are noticing more frequent tail wags. Her confidence is building as she frequently sniffs out her surroundings. We have seen more of her playful side with toys inside the house, as well as running around the yard with our dog Jax. She is starting to respond more when we say “come here!” but does not seem to know any basic commands such as “sit”. We will continue to build her trust with us and try to work on some of these commands. She is still pretty skittish with loud noises and sudden movements, but she improves each day. Overall, she is a very sweet dog!

3/23/20 FOSTER UPDATE:  Blakely has made big improvements since yesterday! She has warmed up to us and has no problem being around our dog. We have been seeing more tail wags after getting out some toys and going for walks around the neighborhood. She loves laying out on our couch next to us too, and slept through the night with no issues. There have been no accidents in the house either!

She is not really eating much, but I think this will get better as she becomes more comfortable and is less stressed. We were finally able to feed her a whole meal with mixing in the wet food and sitting next to her. She is also still pretty timid with any sudden movement or loud noise, but is getting better. We haven’t left her alone yet and is most secure when we are in the room with her.  Hopefully, as she becomes more relaxed, she will gain a needed sense of security.