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6/22/2021 UPDATE: Thelma is still doing really well.  She’s been here about two and a half weeks now and she’s still the sweetest. Her cuddle game has grown even stronger. We have seen her personality and goofiness come out more in recent days.  We’ve learned she loves rolling in the grass and trying to catch the occasional fly that gets into the house.  She seems to love being out in the yard.  We are quickly getting better at communicating with each other.  For example, we are understanding her communication when she wants to go outside and she’s understanding when we ask her to move out of the way.  She doesn’t mind the crate when we are gone and goes directly in it when prompted.  Her third love, behind humans and treats, is probably sleep.  She sleeps through the night on her dog bed and prefers her days to include lots of naps.  Overall, she’s super eager to please and pays a lot of attentions to humans and their cues.

6/8/2021 UPDATE: Miss Thelma has been staying with us for about five days now.  She’s a real sweetheart.  She always seems to have a smile on her face and her tailing wagging.  She’s friendly towards other dogs, but tends to ignore them after the initial meet and greet.  She loves humans and seems to like kids as much as adults.  She quickly became my shadow and is a big fan of napping and snuggles on the couch.  At this point, she  seems to dislike walks and doesn’t have the best leash manners – but we are working on that.  She’s housetrained and hasn’t chewed on anything but dog toys.  Overall, she’s a wonderful dog and will make a great companion for someone looking for a mature and mellow dog.