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8/18/2021 FOSTER UPDATE: I have had Yummy for about 24 hours so this is just a quick update on initial observations. Yummy is a very sweet and affectionate dog. She loves attention and likes to wiggle her way next to you for cuddles. She is also a very curious puppy!  She loves to explore the house and quickly found the toy bin. She loves playing with toys and bones.  She doesn’t appear to be an aggressive chewer, but she is still figuring out what is hers and what is off limits (she was carrying around a candle today).

She is a puppy and has some energy, but she does settle well.  She does well in the crate and slept through the night.  She has not had any accidents, so she seems to be figuring out housetraining. She is great in a car as well!
Yummy loves to eat and is very food motivated. This will help with her training. She is a smart girl, and she already learned how to sit.  Right now I am trying to focus on her jumping. She does get very excited when she sees people.  I had a few friends in town last night, and she warmed right up to them.  She does bark a bit at strangers but will give the turbo tail wag once she knows its safe. Overall, Yummy is a GREAT dog and is already making so much progress!

8/01/2021 UPDATE: Yummy was such a good girl today! While walking her, she quickly became comfortable with the leash and walking speed. She is still a puppy and still tends to jump up, but she does know sit and is food motivated – always helpful for training.  She still has puppy enthusiasm  and gets excited to meet new dogs and people. She is also very loving, friendly and social, which is a win-win.  Yummy is ready to find her family and share her love with you!