Daisy Duke is a 6 yr. old, 57 lb.  black beauty of a lab who loves attention from people and is friendly with other dogs and kids.  Daisy Duke prefers people over treats. She is a very social dog who knows some commands. She is good on a leash and will stop on leash when you stop. Daisy Duke has a lot of love, kisses and snuggles to share with her fellow companion.  Be the one to welcome this girl into your world as she will change the world for you bringing you much joy.



Daisy continues to thrive in foster.  She has learned how to master the steps, will walk right by your side without leash and just loves retrieving balls in the backyard.  She has come a long way from being the girl who simply looked like she was made to produce puppies.  She is a social butterfly of the neighborhood winning all of the love and affection of neighbors while riding in a golf cart.

Daisy continues to sleep through the night in her kennel without any problems.  She interacts well with my dogs, respecting their boundaries.  Daisy has great manners and aims to please.  She has continued to show she is house trained and eats well at a decent pace.

Daisy is a low maintenance lady who is fully content with life as long as she has a companion to show her attention and love and will occasionally throw a ball to her. Daisy would be a happy, joyful addition to any family!!


It is apparent that Daisy is preferring her domestic life with humans over her past life as she just wants to be with you a good amount of time showing her love and affection trying to please.  She does love to sit out in the grass outside in a fenced yard with her tennis ball.  She loves playing fetch.  Living in a house appears to be a new concept for Daisy.  She is still learning the concept of doors and the direction they open.  She is house trained though.  She is eagerly learning the good old house life.

Daisy Duke is a sweet girl who LOVES human attention, and gets along well with other dogs.  She clearly didn’t get much care or attention in her prior life, and appears to have recently had a litter.  But this hasn’t stopped her from being open to the love of humans.  She’s pretty amazing in that when she wants to relax and she tends to go into her crate on her own and just lay down for awhile.  We never hear a peep out of her overnight in her crate and she has had no accidents.  Daisy is happy to take walks with our other dogs, but at 6 years old, she doesn’t need long walks to contain her energy.

We think Daisy Duke would be ideal for someone or a family who could shower her with the attention ad love.

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