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9/29 ANOTHER GREAT UPDATE: Justin,  is doing great. Eating well. (THIS IS A TESTAMENT WHY DOGS NEED A FEW DAYS TO ADJUST); Pretty much house trained-  motivation since he gets treats when uses bathroom outdoors, loves being  outdoors and long walks, plays with toys just for few minutes.  He is so gentle and mellow. He is a sweetheart!

9/28/2021 FOSTER UPDATE: Justin is super sweet and loves to follow us around the house. He did not know how to go down steps but learned that on Saturday. He only barks when we put him in the crate to sleep during the night. He is good on walks with his prong collar, which seems to be necessary to maintain good walking habits.  He is extremely aware of his surroundings but is frightened by loud noises and car lights. (this could be a result from being on his own). He doesn’t have a big appetite, but that could change as he becomes more comfortable.  We are still working on housetraining and making excellent progress too. No accidents in his crate! He has just started to play with toys a little.  I work from home, so he has been napping next to me while I work today. He really is such a sweet pup and is adjusting well to our home.