Meet Nashville!  He is a 2 year old, 65lb yellow lab that was found stray.  He is a sweet and gentle boy and is good with other dogs and humans.  He is currently a little shy and nervous right now, but his best days are head!

Nashville is a new arrival so more photos and updates to come!


DAY 1 (3/16/24)
Nashville enjoyed the car ride. Immediately felt comfortable with myself and in my apartment. Terrified of pretty much anything and everything outside my apartment. Would only pee if scared (primarily by other dogs or men coming nearish him). Would cower and army crawl as fast as possible anytime he was outside my apartment. Had no interest in anything other than giving cuddles to me. Ate a little bit of food out of his bowl, and took treats from my hand. He did poop once, on my balcony.

DAY 2 (3/17/24)
Nashville slept well on the floor next to me. He woke up around 3 am to go to the bathroom and reluctantly pooped outside. He enjoyed cuddles almost all day! He even showed me that he knows basic commands (he will only do them in my apartment, not outside, and only for me right now). He is most comfortable sitting on the couch with me or on the floor at my feet. We discovered that he loves my balcony! He can sit outside and watch the people and dogs in the park. He started to pick up my shoes and bring them to his bed. He does not seem interested in any toys. Seems interested in human food but will typically lie at my feet after not acknowledging his begging for about a minute.

Current wins:

  • He is the sweetest and kindest boy
  • He for the most part sleeps through the night
  • He loves giving kisses and snuggles
  • He does know his basic commands
  • I think he is potty trained (however it is a struggle to get him outside in my downtown apartment )
  • He is not reactive to noises while in my apartment
  • He is comfortable being left alone in the apartment if loose
  • Enjoys the car and going on rides

Current challenges:

  • He is terrified of everything outside my apartment (especially men, dogs, grass, bicycles, strollers, parked cars, skateboards, scooters, glass doors, kids, and loud noises), and when outside will army crawl as fast as he can back inside
  • He is reluctant to go outside to go to the bathroom resulting in holding it excessively or going on the balcony
  • Typically will pee everywhere if a man or dog comes near him
  • He is not crate-trained and cries/barks while in it
  • Scared of the noise of keys/dog collar jingling

Over our past three days together, he is getting increasingly more comfortable with his surroundings. We are making huge progress on his fear of the outdoors! Today, he peed and pooped outside this morning (not due to being scared but intentionally just to go to the bathroom) and tonight he ventured a little further outside while there was no one else in the park (after a few attempts). He is still extremely scared of people and other dogs, but I will continue to work with him! He is making so much progress!

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