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3/1/20 FOSTER UPDATE: Clover Girl is such a sweet, affectionate girl who loves to give kisses! Like most labs, she adores belly rubs, tennis balls, stuffed animal toys, and a good game of fetch. She is super friendly to all she meets, is always ready to play
with other dogs, and we just love to watch that tail go crazy with pure joy! Clover crates easily, likes to ride in the car , knows “sit”, and responds well  to “no”.
We have also seen a timid side to this little girl. We believe she has never lived in a home before as initially all house noises frightened her. But in the few days we have fostered this beauty, she has overcome her fear of the dryer timer, the microwave beeping, the grandfather clock chiming, and many, many other sounds. We are still working on the TV and garbage disposal but this will just take time, patience, and allowing Clover to adjust at her own pace! She loves encouragement and praise and certainly deserves time to adjust to living in a home because she is a perfect little bundle of joy and will be a wonderful addition to any family❣️